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It's officially show season, it's so nice to get back out to see you all! This year you can see me at [email protected] in May, Wool Monty in June, Yarningham and Summer Wool Festival in July, Southern Wool Show and Yarndale in September.

If you come to a show please say hi! It's lovely to put faces to names :)

Welcome to Jo.Knit.Sew


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I like to knit my socks toe up – it means that I don’t have to use any kitchener stitch unless I put in an afterthought heel – which I don’t in
this pattern!
I hope you like these socks as much as I do!

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I like to wear something around my neck when it gets a  bit cool, but not too cool that you need a coat. That is where
cowls come in,  Wear as a single loop or double loop, whatever takes your fancy